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We are a small directory company in New Zealand. We know dental service costs can be very expensive and out of our budget for most of us. Therefore we created this service with the only goal to bring kiwis the best and affordable dental service in your city. We know it can be difficult to find a dentist that is good for you. We have made it easy to find your nearest dental clinic that is affordable and offers the best service. We offer a range of treatments:

Teeth Whitening or Bleaching

Teeth whitening.

We offer teeth whitening solution at affordable prices to shine your smile. We offer you the option of in-clinic procedure or a take-home kit solution. Prior to the treatment, your dentist will examine your gums and teeth to advise if they are good to proceed. So book an appointment now to whiten your smile.


We off a range of filling treatment options for you. These include composite or white filling, Glass ionomer cement fillings, gold filling, Porcelain inlays or onlays and Dental amalgam. Please contact our clinics to find prices.


A bridge treatment involves filling the gap caused by a missing tooth. This involves attaching a fake tooth to one or more tooth near the gap. We offer easy and affordable solutions for missing teeth. Our friendly staff will take you through the process.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

We know wisdom teeth can be a pain and we offer easy extraction procedure. Wisdom teeth can cause many problems including crowding, cysts, infection and erosion cavity.

Root Canal Treatment

A root canal involves cleaning the root of the teeth, which usually becomes unhealthy. This may sound like a difficult procedure but our staff are experienced and offer easy solutions. This may involve a few visits to the clinic.

We have rated and listed the top dental services on our website. Our rating criteria include customer experience, a range of services, customer rating and dental care prices. The table below shows the areas we service in New Zealand. You can click on the location to find the dentists in your city.

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Nearby Dental,
Heriot Row,Dunedin,OTago-9016,
Telephone No.02108294230
New Zealand
Affordable dental care in your city. We offer a range of treatments including teeth whitening, cosmetic and general dentistry.